At Verde Pointe Dental Associates, we can upgrade your smile with dental bonding, veneers, or crowns. These cosmetic solutions cover up imperfections and boost your confidence. After cosmetic dentistry, patients usually say, "Why didn't I do this sooner?"

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Cosmetic dentistry can be divided into three main categories. Usually, to treat front teeth, we have three options. We can do cosmetic bonding, which is essentially gluing some filling material on the front surface of the tooth, which can be very, very beautiful but is as simple as it sounds. The second option is dental veneers, which is a piece of ceramic material that's glued to the outside surface of the tooth to change its function and change its appearance and to really change the underlying tooth structure. The final option would be aesthetic crowns, which, essentially, it's like a veneer, but it just goes all the way around the tooth. We go from the underlying tooth structure that's already there, ground down, discolored, stained, or broken, has had some sort of past treatment before, and we're able to essentially put your new smile in immediately. We can do almost anything with someone's smile. Typically, the appointment to actually prep the teeth for the veneers takes a couple of hours, but the amount of time it takes to see the result is basically instantaneous. After the design is finalized, we actually use the final design of your teeth for the temporary. So the day that you come in to have the teeth actually worked on, you get to see the results the same day and leave with your new smile and really try it out. The best feedback I get from patients that undergo significant cosmetic work is, "Wow." It really is just wow. They say that their spouse or their friends are impressed, and mostly they are impressed. It's usually something people have been thinking about for a long time and just have been kind of hesitant for one reason or another to pull the trigger. And the biggest answer is, "Why didn't I get this done sooner? I could have had this smile ages and ages ago."

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