Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns can be done in one visit using advanced technology at Verde Pointe Dental.

Get in, get out, so you spend less time in a dental chair.

Choose Verde Pointe Dental when it comes to your cosmetic dental crown needs.

Dental Crowns

Compromised teeth can cause pain, make chewing difficult, and affect the way you speak.

Dental crowns can restore form and function to a broken or decayed tooth, allowing you to chew, speak, and smile with confidence.

Learn what makes Verde Point Dental Associates in Marietta, GA, serving Powder Springs, Kennesaw and surrounding areas an outstanding provider of crowns...

Verde Pointe dental offers one visit dental crowns with no messy impressions or temporary crowns, meaning more time for you to do the things you love.  

Custom crowns by CEREC are permanent, long-lasting restorations performed in as little as one hour.  Your tooth will be prepped by one of our highly qualified cosmetic dentists without the traditional use of messy impressions and gagging trays.  Here, at Verde Pointe Dental, it's a solution that'll make you smile.  

How it works

It's just four simple steps after your tooth has been prepped.  

1. A digital scanner will capture an image of your tooth.

2. A digital 3D model of your prepped tooth and new crown is created on the computer.

3.  A milling machine creates your custom fit cosmetic crown from a ceramic block while you wait.

4.  One of our highly skilled dentists, Drs. Kimmerling, McGrath or Fantaski will permanently cement your crown in place.

Why it's the Best Choice

1. It's no more costly than a traditional crown

2.  There's no impressions, no trays, no impression material squeezing out of the tray and no jaw ache holding the tray in place.

3. No temporary crown placed with temporary cement.

4. No worries about the quality of your new crown.  Dentsply Sirona's Cerec crowns are world leaders in dental solutions for crowns.

​Restore Health and Strength  to Your Smile

Dr. Kirk Kimmerling, Dr. Garrick McGrath, and Dr. Lincoln Fantaski in Marietta, GA, are focused on providing the best dental care to our community. This means they use only the finest materials for dental crowns. These materials make our restorations virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. Patients with damaged teeth find they are able to speak more clearly and chew more comfortably following permanent crown placement. We can also replace lost teeth using crowns supported by dental implants. Crowns are widely available, but not all restorations are created equally. Trust your smile to a practice that cares about your satisfaction and the quality of their work.

The tooth will be carefully reshaped to accommodate a crown.
I love coming here for all of my dental needs.The office is big, modern and very clean. Always the friendliest staff, hygienist and dentists and zero wait time. Karolina C.

Why Choose Verde Point Dental Associates?

our waiting room

The dentists at Verde Point Dental Associates in Marietta, GA, serving Kennesaw and Powder Springs, have been placing crowns since 1982. With advances in modern dentistry that result in better materials and cutting-edge techniques, we can repair damaged teeth and give you natural-looking results. At our dentistry practice, we are prepared to accommodate your specific needs.

If you have suffered trauma, decay, or tooth loss, our team of dental professionals can provide you with the right restorative treatments. By repairing your smile with a crown, you not only achieve relief from pain and discomfort, but you also protect your teeth from further damage. This often allows you to avoid the need for extraction.

Your time is valuable, and we are able to expedite your treatment thanks to advanced tools. We have CEREC® in-house milling technology that makes it possible to achieve a repaired smile in a single appointment and avoid the need for a temporary crown. We utilize the latest materials, including tooth colored Zirconia crowns which are the strongest materials available for dental crowns, and look fantastic! However, if your case requires more time, we will be glad to provide a temporary crown.

Contact us online or call (770) 423-4900 today to find out how the expert dentists at Verde Point Dental Associates in Marietta, GA, can help you restore your oral health with a dental crown.

I am not a dentist fan but I left super happy with this place. I hardly had to wait. My hygienist Stephanie was super nice. The cleaning was so fast and they have all the high tech equipment. I was so impressed. Everyone was so nice. Dr. McGrath was great as well and I felt very comfortable with him. I will be staying here as a patient. Christina T.

Placement of a Dental Crown at Verde Pointe Dental Associates in Marietta


1. Exam & Consultation

Dr. Kirk Kimmerling Dr. Garrick McGrath, and Dr. Lincoln Fantaski can determine if a dental crown is the best treatment option. If your tooth or teeth are capable of supporting a crown, we will work together to decide the best material to use for your needs. 

2. Tooth Preparation

The tooth or teeth being treated must have the damaged or decayed portions removed. In some cases, this means undergoing a root canal. The tooth will then be reshaped and resized in order to create a solid base for the crown with a proper fit. 

3. Impressions 

Your dentist will take impressions of the tooth using our digital systems. This allows both you to avoid the messy putties traditionally used in making tooth impressions.

4. Fabrication

Our practice has a CEREC® in-office milling machine. This eliminates the need for a temporary crown and means you can receive your customized dental crown in a single appointment. Your time is important. We know you lead a busy life, so the less time you spend at the dentist's office, the more time you have to get on with your day.

5. Placement

Once fabrication is complete, we will place your crown over the reshaped tooth to make sure everything fits comfortably. At this point, we can make any necessary adjustments to ensure the crown fits properly. Once you are satisfied with the fit, we will secure the crown with dental cement. 

6. Stunning Results

We use the finest materials available to give you a smile you can be proud to share. There is no downtime required. Although some patients experience mild sensitivity after a dental crown is placed, this typically resolves after a few days.

woman points to teeth

You can expect that your crown will look like your surrounding teeth.

Caring For Your New Crown

Although we use only the highest-quality materials for our crowns, they are not indestructible. Crowns can last more than a decade with proper care, but you will need to eventually replace the restoration. So that you can enjoy your new crown for many years to come, we recommend a few things you can do to help it last:


Avoid using your crown to chew especially hard or sticky foods. These can damage or dislodge your crown.

Good Oral Hygiene

Generally, you can care for crowns like natural teeth. Be mindful not to use any abrasive toothpastes to avoid scratching the porcelain. Be sure to floss front to back rather than up and down to avoid dislodging your crown.

Regular Dentist Visits

Not only does your biannual dental exam support your oral and overall health, it allows our dentists to keep an eye on the condition of your crown. 

Minimize Wear and Tear

If you grind your teeth, wear a nightguard to avoid excessive wear on your crown. Habits such as biting your fingernails and opening packages with your teeth can also have an adverse effect on the porcelain.

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