Quick Tips and Questions to Ask When Finding a New Dentist By Julie K on March 27, 2019

Finding a new dentist can be a daunting task for many people, especially when moving to a new area or being dissatified with a current dentist. Verde Pointe Dental Associates offers advice to help select the best dentist while meeting specific needs.

Finding a Nw Dentist Made Easier
Tips to Find the Right New Dentist for You

Dentist Accepting New Patients that save you time.

Although most dental practices are accepting new dental patients, not all follow the same process when seeing new patients. A dentist for special needs adults may ask you to arrive at least 30 minutes before the procedure to fill out the necessary dental forms.  Other dentists save you time by offering this process online, allowing you to fill them out when convenient for you.  For some, time is of the essence so when looking for a list of dentists, ask yourself if saving time by completing forms online matters.

Dentists that accept and file dental insurance in your area.

Dental insurance is offered at many jobs today.  So, it's important when thinking, "I need a dentist" to also consider your insurance needs. A quick call, google text or contact with the dental office can identify if this is a dentist that accepts your specific insurance needs, and if the office files it for you.  Verde Pointe Dental Associates has a dentist that accepts United Healthcare, Delta Dental, Humana, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, PPO and so on.  Ask not only if the office accepts the insurance but ask if they file it for you as well, saving the aggravation of figuring out the procedures when doing so.

Find a dentist near me that waits on the insurance payment.

Not every dental office will wait on payment from the dental insurance companies.  Some prefer patients pay up front and the insurance reimburse the patient. So, when looking for the closest dentist to your location, don't just consider location, but consider a practice that waits on the payment.  Verde Pointe Dental is a dental office in Marietta, GA happy to accept, file and wait on the payment from dental insurance providers.

Special Needs Dentist

Not all dentists provide dentistry for special needs patients.  Dentists for special needs adults and children must have the office ready to accommodate the special needs.  Verde Pointe Dental dentists, Dr. Kirk Kimmerling DDS and Dr. Garrick McGrath DMD, welcomes patients with many types of special needs.  The office was designed to help accommodate the handicapped by having it wheelchair accessible.  A dentist for a special needs child needs to understand that extra emotional support may be required.  Telling the dental office what your specific needs are and asking in advance if they can be met can save a lot of frustration of changing dentists again.

Specific Dental Procedures

Do you know the specific dental procedure you are needing?  If so, take the time to call ahead to make sure it is a procedure the dentist office does.  Not every dentist will do all procedures.   When searching for dental providers near me, search instead for "find a periodontist near me" or "find an endodontist near me".  This will help to insure the office can address your concern.  You do not want to be sent out for a root canal or extraction when you could have gone there in the first place.  So, in general, look for a dental office like Verde Pointe Dental that performs most dental procedures when you need a new dentist.  There's no reason to see a dentist if your dental needs are not being met.

Check Reviews on What the Community Thinks of the Dentist You Are Considering.

So, once you have narrowed down a list of dentists, check reviews to see what others have experienced.  Many times, the reviews can give insight on whether the dentist will be a good match for you.  Patients may speak about their experience of the exact procedure you need, such as dentures, dental fillings or a crown on a tooth.  

Emergency Dental Patients 

Not all dentists are emergency dentists.  If you have a toothache, immediate emergency dental care is a must.  Search online for an emergency dentist near me, so the results can match your situation most properly.  Urgent dental care should be prioritized, as situations can become life-threatening quickly.  So, seeing a dentist regularly and getting an appointment when even simple issues arise will help avoid an emergency tooth extraction or an emergency oral surgeon visit.



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