Foods and Drinks to Avoid with Crowns By Julie K on November 06, 2018

Dental crownsDental crowns are a great option for decayed or damaged teeth, restoring your ability to bite and chew. After getting a dental crown placed, it takes some time for the restoration to settle. In this period, the crown may be susceptible to movement, looseness, and even becoming dislodged entirely. When eating, patients at Verde Pointe Dental Associates are asked to try chewing on the side opposite the crown when possible. Dentists will also tell patients to avoid certain food items.

Our experienced Marietta, GA dentists Dr. Kirk Kimmerling and Dr. Garrick McGrath would like to go over certain foods and beverages that should be avoid after you have dental crowns placed. This goes for snacks as well as meal staples.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is common for freshening the breath and help pass the time, but with a crown in place, that excessive chewing and smacking can lead to the restoration coming loose.

Sticky Candies

Caramel, taffy, and gummies can be delicious treats, but their stickiness is a major issue. A crown can be pulled loose because of the sheer adhesive qualities of caramel, taffy, and toffees. Even Swedish fish and Starburst can lead to serious issues. Avoid these candies early on.

Hard Candies

When having hard candies like jawbreaker, lollipops, or Jolly Ranchers, you may have an urge to bite down. That action can lead to problems with a crown, which is why hard candies should also be avoided.


Raisins are usually recommended as a relatively healthy snack. They can get sticky, however, which is a problem when it comes to dental crowns. Be careful about raisins and other similar dried fruits.


On the note of healthy snacks, many people recommend nuts as a good source of healthy fats. Unfortunately their crunchiness can lead to plenty of problems for people with crowns.

Crisp Raw Vegetables

If nuts are an issue, you can imagine similar difficulties when chewing on carrots, broccoli, and other tough, crunchy, or chewy vegetables. Be sure to cook these vegetables first to soften them so they don’t harm your crowns.

Crunchy Fruits

Similar issues arise with crunchy fruits such as apples and pears. Thankfully there are many other kinds of fruits out there that can help keep the doctor away and leave you feeling healthy and satisfied.


Popcorn is usually a nice low-calorie snack to have between meals. Unfortunately, the stickiness and little particles of the popped corn can get stuck between teeth and lodged around the crown, which can be a hassle.

Tough Meats

Steak, beef jerky, and other tough meats can lead to lots of chewing, which we’ve noted is bad for your crowns. If you’re going to have meat, make sure it’s soft and easy to chew.

Sodas and Sugary Drinks

Soft drinks and sweetened drinks are just bad for you in general. Having either after getting a dental crown placed could cause tooth decay and other issues. Stick with water if you want to stay hydrated.


Chewing on ice cubes is a bad habit you should avoid. When you have crowns, this bad habit could lead to unwanted damage to the dental work that was done.

Hot or Cold Temperature Food Items

Your teeth will be sensitive after getting a dental crown placed, which means that extreme temperatures may trigger sharp sensations of discomfort. Be sure to avoid hot soups and drinks as well as ice cream and chilled beverages. Aim for lukewarm foods and drinks instead.

When Can I Go Back to Having These Foods?

It really depends. The exact timeframe will be based on the location of the crown in your mouth and the nature of the dental work performed. Typically it will take a few weeks for your crown to fully settle, though your dentist will provide an answer for you during the consultation process.

Keep in mind that you should avoid sugary snacks in general as these are common causes of tooth decay.

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