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Missing teeth can have a negative impact on your quality of life. So can an ill-fitting denture.

The dentists at Marietta Dental Associates can replace teeth with a full denture or partial denture that looks great and fits great, too.

Already have a denture? Our Marietta, GA, team can repair or upgrade it. No matter your needs, we have solutions that will work for you.

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Our Comprehensive Denture Solutions

Partial denture

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures only replace small sections of your smile, typically up to four consecutive teeth, and help stop surrounding teeth from shifting out of position or becoming crooked. Also known as a removable dental bridge, “partials” have replacement teeth attached to a gum-colored plastic base connected and kept in place by a metal framework. They can also be supported by dental implants.

Full denture

Full Dentures

Full dentures replace all the teeth along a dental arch. They can be held in place with natural suction, dental adhesive, or dental implants. If you already have a denture for one arch and find yourself needing one for the other, we can design a new restoration that closely matches the look and feel of the one you've been using. We can also perform gentle extractions if you still have a few natural teeth that would get in the way of your denture.

a denture designed to be supported by five dental implants

Implant Dentures

If your oral health qualifies you as a candidate for dental implants, the benefits can be priceless. Implants provide unmatched stability for dental restorations and also support oral health and facial appearance by stopping the jawbone atrophy that occurs after tooth loss. A single implant can cost $1,600 to $2,200, and traditional implant dentures can require two to eight implants per arch. Your dentures can be permanently attached to implants or snap onto implants for use during the day, depending on your desires and goals.

All-on-4 denture

All-on-4 Dentures

The All-on-4® method, also known as "Teeth in a Day," is an innovative denture placement method that uses just four implants to support the restoration. The two implants placed at the back of the jaw are angled to maximize the existing jaw tissue. This helps many patients avoid the need for a bone graft, which can cost around $450 to $800 per treatment area. Even better, All-on-4 implants can support a lifelike temporary denture immediately after placement. This option affords you a near-instant smile transformation.

Denture Repair

Verde Pointe Dental Associates, serving Powder Springs and Kennesaw, is here to repair your replacement teeth if they become damaged. 

denture repair

Our dentists use the latest technologies, restoration design techniques, and treatment methodologies, so we see less need for repairs today than in times past. However, we understand that damage and normal wear can still occur. Life without teeth is difficult to say the least, so when repairs are needed, a quick turnaround is critical. We can complete smaller denture repairs here at our dental office in Marietta, GA, and we coordinate with a trusted local dental lab for more extensive repairs.

Find the Denture That's Right for You It All Starts With a Consultation in Marietta

Whether you're dealing with localized tooth loss or living without your natural teeth altogether, the Verde Pointe Dental Associates team has a tooth replacement option that's just right for you. We pay special attention to denture design to ensure you receive a prosthetic that will last for years to come, feels natural in your mouth, and looks virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

Request a consultation with a Verde Pointe dentist to learn how we can address your individual needs and goals with a fully personalized denture. Send us a message online or give us a call in Marietta, GA:

(770) 423-4900

"Compassionate, kind, knowledgeable, and so much more!" See What Patients Have to Say About the Verde Pointe Team


Lee Greene

Marietta, GA


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Phenomenal dentist office! I should have shopped dentists office a long time ago. Christine was phenomenal at cleaning my teeth and let me know the process along the way. This will most likely be my permanent dentist office.

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Anne Forman

Marietta, GA


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Can’t say enough about Dr. Kimmerling and his amazing team ! Been with them for over 20 years and the experience has exceeded my expectations! Compassionate, kind, knowledgeable, and so much more ! Thank you !

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Advanced Technology To Make Treatment Easier

Our Marietta, GA, practice uses the latest dental technology and the best materials available to ensure your restorations look and function like natural teeth.

Our dentists use digital systems to eliminate the need for uncomfortable and messy putty impressions. This also allows us to customize your denture with the utmost precision. We also make use of 3D printers, so we can show you a physical mock-up of your denture and fine-tune its appearance according to your preferences before sending the design to the lab. 

By leveraging the latest technology, we can significantly decrease the number of appointments before delivering your final smile!

A Variety of Denture Materials Options From A to Z

You have a choice when it comes to the material your partial or full denture is made from. 


Acrylic is a tooth-colored material that can be used for a partial denture or complete denture. A denture made from acrylic will be less expensive than other types of denture. While this provides an affordable entry point to tooth restoration, the lower cost does align with a decrease in durability. Acrylic is a softer material, so dentures made from it can be more prone to wear or breakage.


Porcelain is significantly stronger than acrylic and looks more like real teeth. The material possesses the same light-reflective properties as natural enamel, resulting in a lifelike sheen. It's more expensive than acrylic, but costs can very depending on which of the prosthetic teeth within the denture need to be made of porcelain.


Zirconia, the strongest material we use in dentistry, is best used for implant dentures rather than removable dentures. The material is non-porous, so chips, cracks, and other types of breakage are highly unlikely. Zirconia dentures are the most expensive option due to their durability. They can be layered with porcelain for enhanced aesthetics.

No Matter Your Needs, We're Here to Help Make an Appointment With Verde Pointe Dental Associates

The team at our Marietta dentistry practice can replace missing teeth with dentures, dental bridges, or implant-supported dental crowns, depending on your treatment goals and degree of tooth loss. If you're dealing with more oral health concerns than just missing teeth, we can also customize a full mouth reconstruction treatment plan that includes gum therapy, deep teeth cleanings, endodontic care, and much, much more.

dental technicians

Our expert staff is here to provide you with world-class dental care that meets your unique needs, and we can provide you with affordable restorations to meet your budget. Whether you need a conventional denture, dental implant-supported restorations, or another solution, our dentists are ready to get you started on your path to a new smile you'll love.

To learn more about how we can help restore the form and function of your smile, contact us online or call our Marietta, GA, dental office today.

(770) 423-4900 

"Everyone is kind and helpful." 5-Star Reviews for Our Marietta Practice


Kevin Marshall

Marietta, GA


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My experiences with Verde Pointe Dental Associates have been phenomenal, the dental hygienists like Stefanie, the lady that schedules appointmentsMarleigh, the dentists and the rest of the staff are wonderful, friendly, attentive, and professional.

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Kelly Sparks

Marietta, GA


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Everyone is kind and helpful. They make sure your comfortable during your procedure. I have had two procedures done there and in my past dental experiences, I would have discomfort or pain for several days afterward; that has not been the case here. Very happy!!

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Denture Affordability How Insurance and Financing Can Help

Most dental insurance plans will cover at least a portion of the cost of dentures. Implant-supported dentures are an important exception: while the denture will be covered, the implants will not.

Our Marietta practice accepts most types of dental insurance. We also accept financing through CareCredit® so patients who are uninsured or facing high out-of-pocket expenses can spread their costs out over a period of several months, rather than pay all at once.

Concerned about the price of your denture, even with insurance and financing? These restorations are highly customizable. Rest assured that we can design one that fits both your needs and your budget. Our staff is glad to take as much time as necessary to help you understand your options. We warmly invite you to get in touch to learn more.

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"Verde Pointe Dental Associates are always top notch! I have been a patient of theirs for over 10 years.  They have delivered excellent care through all those years.  Dr. McGrath is always thorough in my dental care.  He is conscientious and does an excellent job! The whole team makes your experience a good one.  I highly recommend Dr. McGrath and his Team." Melissa Brower

Contact Verde Pointe Dental Associates Learn More about Treatment, Costs, and Financing Options

Dentures are a big investment, but they are well worth the cost for patients living with missing teeth.

To protect your investment, choose a team that has been practicing dentistry for over 30 years and earned hundreds of 5-star reviews and positive testimonials—Verde Pointe Dental Associates.

Verde Pointe Dental Associates is located in Marietta, GA, making it convenient for patients throughout Kennesaw, Powder Springs, and the greater Atlanta area. Schedule a visit today by sending us a message or calling our office:

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What to Expect During Treatment

This is the timeline for a traditional denture. The implant denture timeline includes an additional four to six months to allow time for the implants to fuse with the jaw. If you're receiving an implant-supported denture, know that we offer sedation to make the experience comfortable and stress-free.
We use all-digital scanning technology to quickly capture images of the treatment area. You won't have to deal with messy putty impressions.
We use all-digital scanning technology to quickly capture images of the treatment area. You won't have to deal with messy putty impressions.

Initial Exam

One of our dentists will examine your smile, checking the health of your gums and any remaining teeth. We may also take X-rays with our digital X-ray machine or computed tomography (CT) scans with our state-of-the-art cone-beam scanner to assess the health of your jawbone and oral structures.

Preparatory Treatments

While some patients can move straight to impressions, others may need preparatory dental treatments in order to build a healthy foundation for dentures. If you need a tooth extraction, gum treatment, or dental implant surgery, our dentists can provide the care you need at our Marietta, GA, practice.


Once you are fully healed from any preparatory treatments, we will take digital impressions of any remaining teeth and your gums. These impressions will be used to design a denture that fits securely and comfortably over your gums.


Your impressions will be sent to a trusted lab. There, a master ceramist will design your dentures using the latest materials. Our dentures are made from high-quality materials and are hand-finished for the most natural-looking results.


Less than two weeks later, your dentures will be ready for placement. You will come back to our office serving Marietta, Kennesaw, and Powder Springs to try on your denture. Our dentists can make adjustments to ensure that your new restoration looks and feels great.

Over 500 5-Star Reviews For Our Dentists and Team


Arica Ehrhardt

Marietta, GA


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Clean, professional and more then exceptional service. They are an amazing staff and just so so so sweet. Everything is broken down to exact detail and they treat you like family. Very law enforcement friendly and truly make you feel comfortable. The dental rooms are clean and comfortable and everything is done in one section. We drove 1 hour to come here and will continue to use them and drive. Highly recommend!!!

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T Roberts

Marietta, GA


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Was seen ahead of my scheduled appointment - 2 thumbs up. The staff makes you feel like family, from the front desk to the Hygienist. I really appreciate the modern technology that is used here, which helps with patient comfort during the exam or special procedures.

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"My husband and I love Verde Pointe and Dr. Kirk. We have been patients for about 5 years, and it has been the best dental experience we have ever had. Everyone is always very nice and helpful. The entire visit turns into a relaxing experience." Roxanne French

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