Steps to Look for the Best Dentist Top Rated in 2021 By Julie K on January 12, 2021

When looking for the best dentist, there are a few guidelines that you will want to follow to help ensure you get the excellent cosmetic dental results you desire.  A little research will go a long way, and you will be glad you did, especially when spending plenty of money on that Hollywood smile you have always wanted. 

A good place to start is a dentist’s dental website. It is loaded with information that will help put things into perspective.  It will answer questions before you think of them.

The dentist’s website can narrow the dentists you are considering, saving you time and trips for consults. Questions about specific treatments can be easily answered, and if you are looking to replace missing teeth, it probably answers questions such as: does the dentist do bridges, dentures and implants? 

If you need a dental exctraction, of course it is important the dentist actually performs the procedure you need. Many dentists will refer to an oral surgeon specialist when a tooth extraction is necessary. Remember to ask the dental extraction price before you commit, and if you will be charged an after hour fee.  

In some instances,  a tooth can be saved when a dentist performs a root canal. This procedure is generally more expensive than an extraction, so ask the root canal treatment price before you commit. If the denist tells you the root canal procedure is an option, it is best to go this route. Saving a natural will save you expensive tooth replacement costs. If an emergency root canal treatment price cannot be afforded, a dental extraction may be the only option.

Spending time on a dentist's website can help narrow down your dentists you are considering.  If you need a dental bridge, does their website have dental bridge reviews?  If you are considering dental implants, does the dentist belong to an implant society such as ASIRD, the American Society of Implant and Reconstructive Dentistry? What are the different types of dental implants, and why do they use a certain system? What is a Straumann implants price, and are they an option?   Most people are aware of the condition their mouth, so studying websites does help.  


Dental Implant Questions to Consider

  1. What are the best dental implants and does the dentist use the system?
  2. What is an average dental implant lifespan if I take excellent care of my teeth?
  3. What is a titanium dental implant?
  4. What are the top dental implant companies in the world?
  5. Is a tooth implant price different than a bridge implant price?
  6. What are the potential dental implants problems I can expect?
  7. Are dental implants safe?
  8. Who is the best dental implant specialist near me? 
  9. Where can I find dental implant reviews on the top dental implant companies?
  10. Does your office have pictures of dental implants you have done?

Dental Crown Questions to Consider

  1. What is the best dental crown material?
  2. How much does a crown cost with my dental insurance?
  3. What is the best type of dental crown for me?
  4. What are the best crowns for front teeth?
  5. Where can I get reviews on all the types of crowns, such as Zirconia crown reviews?
  6. What is the best dental Crown material for front teeth?
  7. What is a porcelain crowns price compared to a Zirconia crown price?
  8. What is the difference between a zirconia crown preparation and a porcelain?
  9. Is there a dentist that does zirconia bridge or Zirconia implants?
  10. Are the dental crowns that are done in one visit better?
  11. How much tooth crown pain should I expect?

Dental Bridge Questions to Consider

  1. What is a Maryland bridge vs a cantilever bridge vs a fixed bridge?
  2. What is a dental bridge vs a dental implant?
  3. Can I get a dental bridge if I am not a candidate for a dental implant?
  4. How much does a dental bridge cost with insurance?
  5. Does the dental bridge procedure always require two visits?
  6. What are some of the dental bridge problems to expect?
  7. Does your dental office have dental bridge pictures, dental bridge front teeth before and after?
  8. What are all my front tooth replacement options available?
  9. What is a Maryland bridge, and do you have any Maryland bridge reviews?
  10. What is a dental Cantilever Bridge and why is a dental cantilever bridge not recommended?
  11. What is the dental code for my bridge, so I can check my own dental insurance benefits?

Root Canal Questions to Consider

  1. Is root canal therapy the only way for me to save my tooth and get out of comfort?
  2. Will my tooth also require a root canal post?
  3. Is the root canal procedure covered by my insurance?
  4. Could I need more than one root canal to alleviate my pain?
  5. Does the cost vary for a anterior root canal and a bicuspid rood canal?
  6. Does the dentist have Cone beam technology to help him perform the best possible root canal?
  7. Is there a root canal alternative?
  8. Are root canal symptoms jaw pain?
  9. Could my tooth require a root canal even when I do not have any pain?
  10. Do you know anything about root canal controversy and dentists that believe it is better to pull the tooth for your health?
  11. What is a root canal crown, will I need it, and what is the additional costs?
  12. Is root canal pain controllable?
  13. What are root canal causes?
  14. Does the dental website have a root canal video that helps explain the root canal treatment steps?

Teeth whitening Questions to Consider

  1. What are the best teeth whitening products for 2021?
  2. What is considered the best teeth color to achieve?
  3. What is the best dentist teeth whitening treatment?
  4. Are professional in-office teeth whitening better?
  5. What are the best teeth whitening gel refills?
  6. What is the teeth whitening dentist price?
  7. Is there an overall best teeth whitening for sensitive teeth?
  8. What are the best teeth whitening gel syringes?
  9. What are the best teeth whitening kits and how long do they last?
  10. Do I have to finish the whole teeth whitening kit before my teeth whiten?

Dental Veneers, Porcelain Veneers Questions to Consider

  1. What are the problems with veneers?
  2. Especially since it is front teeth, does the dentist have veneers before and after photos?
  3. What is the difference between veneers vs Lumineers?
  4. Are veneers worth it and how long do dental veneers last?
  5. What are veneers teeth pros and cons?
  6. What is the veneers price, permanent veneers price, Lumineers teeth price and is it ever covered by insurance?
  7. What is porcelain veneers price and is there any other materials used?
  8. Where can I get the best veneers near me and what is the veneers procedure?
  9. What are the Lumineers teeth reviews vs others?

After you have formulated your questions and studied websites, the following are your next steps.

Does the dentist have before and after dental pictures of the type of procedures you may need?  Before and after photos are an indicator if the dentist does the type of dentistry and if he does it well.  Dentists are artists, and artistic skills come more naturally to some.  Take a look at what the dentist has done in the past, as it’ll be a good indicator of what they will do for you. 

Does the dentist have reviews and what do they say?  Past patients are social proof that about past dental experiences, how they feel about treatment and if they were happy.   A dental review narrows which dentist is the right fit for you.

Not all dental materials, dental labs, dental equipment, and technology are equal, especially when looking for extensive full mouth reconstruction dentistry.  Some offices have invested in high tech equipment and the best dental materials.  Ask the dentist if his office has 3D cone beam technology.  It's diagnosing machinery that is the golden standard for 2021 dentistry.  Asking questions like, what is the best type of dental crown is good, but asking about 3D cone beam technology is a good idea too.

A dentist's staff are perfect for finding out insider information.  Ask them if the dentist buys only on sale dental materials, or does the office buy the best materials regardless of price? Although sales are not bad, if a dentist only buys what is on sale, maybe he's more worried about costs than what goes into your mouth.  A Dentist can have a crown fabricated in a foreign country at half the cost in the USA.  These crowns may not be up to the standard of your top dentist fit.  Just like a dentist, a lab's crown fabrication is an art. It's important the crown looks and fits well.  When looking for a top dentist best rated in your area, remember that the lab matters.  Also, if you need a crown, ask your dentist about durable, Zirconia crowns.  Although the best dental crown material depends on many factors, a Zirconia crown may be the best option.  

Check the dentist’s credentials.  Some dentists continue their education to become leading experts in their fields, while others go even further with research on dental materials changing the future of dentistry.  It is these top dentists, the high achievers that put effort into making the world of dentistry a much better place.  When looking for the best possible dentist, take a look at what else they are doing.

After the search has been narrowed, the dentists have been met, office staff will discuss the fees.  Many are happy to answer questions about a Hollywood smile price, what insurance may cover and how to get financing.  Some will explain,and handle all the necessary paperwork to make your life easy. 

A healthy gorgeous smile is the best gift you can give yourself.  When investing in a smile makeover, do your homework. You will glad you did.


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