Should I whiten my teeth? By Julie K on September 12, 2019

You may be asking yourself.....should I whiten my teeth?  What are my options?  Will it hurt my teeth?  These are common questions that most people ask when considering whitening their teeth.  There are several things to consider when thinking about this.  Today we will look at these options, and the pros and cons of each.

Let's look at the question of should I; should I not?  Most people, probably around 90%, will be able to whiten with good results.  The other 10% that will not have good results are people with tetracycline staining and people who smoke.  If you have a grayish tint to your teeth from these things, it is much harder to get a good result.  The level of lightness you want to achieve also depends on where your starting point is, and how discolored your teeth are.  It is always best to consult with your dentist before you begin any type of whitening because there are some issues in the mouth that may/will cause problems for you if you whiten.  We always want to make sure the items are safe for your specific mouth.

There are different options for whitening.  You can purchase many choices of over-the-counter whitening items and some of these are very good.  They do not have the strength of whitening products in-office but some of them do a great job.  These are relatively easy to use and are usually cost effective.  In-office whitening choices are mostly a stronger percentage so they will do a better job in a shorter time frame.  This is a more expensive route but with much better results.  Our dental office will make you customized trays that fit you, therefore creating a tight seal for whitening.  These trays are light and flexible so that you can talk and work in them.  

There are two main types of whitening solution.  One is a bleaching product and one is non-bleaching.  The bleaching one will give you really good results with possibly several shades of improvement, while the non-bleaching one works on surface stain only.  Most products you see and hear about are the bleaching type.  Of course, there are also whitening toothpastes, mouthwash and chewing gum.  The toothpastes will take off surface stains, but the mouthwash and gum typically do not help due to the fact that they are not in contact with your teeth for long enough to make a diffference.

With this information, you can hopefully make the best choice for the results you are looking for and the pricing you need/want.  We here at Verde Pointe Dental Assoc always want the best and safest materials used in your mouth!


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