Dentures......all your questions answered By Julie K on August 12, 2019

Dentures are very different than they used to be!  They look beautiful and are a much better fit than "the old days".  The shade will be matched to your natural teeth, or if you are in need of a full set of dentures, you and the dentist may choose the shade together, with the dentist's expert opinion to help you choose.  You will discuss with the dentist the best choice for YOU, whether it be a partial, a permanent denture, or denture implants.  If you look up "dentures near me", you will be able to find a dentist nearby to assist you in your care.

A partial denture is one you can take in and out of your mouth.  You choose a partial if you still have natural teeth  in your mouth, therefore the partial will be for the teeth you are missing.  This could be just a few teeth, or it could be many teeth.  The partial is made up of either a) acrylic that is pink, or basically the color of the skin in your mouth, or b) metal, which is a sturdier material.'

A permanent denture would be either both upper and lower arches of the mouth or just one of these.  You would choose this option if you do not have any natural teeth remaining, or if your natural teeth are no longer viable.  These teeth would be extracted so that the permanent dentures could be placed.  As for the fit, the dentist will make sure the fit is as tight as possible, while making sure it is comfortable to eat and speak with.  You will take these out as you sleep at night to give your gums time to rest.

Denture implants are the most intact of the choices.  These implants are attached into your bone so that they do not come out.  This way, if you have too much bone loss and a standard denture has no place to adhere, the denture implant would be your best option.

Dentures of today are in no way like the ones of the past.  They fit much better and look wonderful to give you a sense of confidence with your mouth and a great-looking smile!



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