Professional Dental Cleaning - Why Important? By Julie K on November 27, 2017

A professional dental cleaning is crucial to a good oral health, a bright smile, and prevention of serious illnesses. Dental cleanings have a direct impact on the overall health. Although regular brushing and flossing at home are important and recommended, every six months make a dental appointment for a professional dental cleaning. It will also boost your confidence.

Here are the reasons why professional dental cleaning is important.

[caption id="attachment_14022" align="alignright" width="300"]Professional Dental Cleaning in Marietta GA There's plenty of reasons to get regular dental cleanings at our Marietta Dentist Office[/caption]

  1. Improve Your Health
A sound state of health starts from a good oral hygiene while a poor oral health is a precursor to many serious medical problems. As a result, regular dental examinations and checkups can help reduce the risks of having conditions such as bone loss, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and strokes. Besides, oral cancer can be detected, managed, and cured early since the gums show the state of the body health. Hence, visiting a professional dentist will not only help to detect early stage of sickness but also promote health.
  1. Prevent Gum Disease
Professional dental cleaning helps to prevent the occurrence of gingivitis.  This is a gum inflammation and the first stage of periodontitis usually caused by plaque buildup. A dental cleaning will remove the plaque preventing periodontitis or cure it at an early stage.
  1. Have a Healthy Smile
It is recommended that you consult a dental hygienist twice a year to maintain good oral health, which can improve overall body health. Practicing excellent oral hygiene also boosts confidence. To achieve this, have a professional dental cleaning that will ensure the removal of a buildup of plaque or tartar not eliminated by regular brushing or floss. Also, stains caused by coffee, tobacco, or tea will be removed by dental cleaning.
  1. Keep Your Breath Fresh
According to studies, people suffering from bad breath or halitosis most likely have an underlying dental problem. A good oral hygiene is a basis for a good breath; in that, dirt will be eliminated regularly without any chance for odor. Professional dental cleanings and checkups are one way to ensure that the best oral hygiene practice is maintained.
  1. Save Cash
Professional dental cleaning helps to prevent future dental problems that will require a lot of money. If there is a potential dental or oral issues, they will be identified early before they become complicated; and early treatment means lower expenses. Issues such as broken fillings, gum disease, or cavities can be identified and treated early to prevent tooth extractions, teeth removal, root canals, or gum surgery if not treated.

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